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Super S® Ashless Aw 68 Hydraulic Fluid 5 Gallon

Super S

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Super S® Ashless Anti-wear Hydraulic Fluids are high performance hydraulic mediums using the most technologically advanced zinc-free additive technology to provide excellent protection and performance in most mobile and stationary equipment operations. The ashless formulation is free of heavy metals which degrade under high operating temperatures to form sludge, varnish, and carbon buildup. The extremely shear stable viscosity improver allows for operation over a wider temperature range and provide excellent cold weather pumpability. The low toxicity provided by the zinc-free additive system allows for use in marine applications. This exclusive formulation provides excellent anti-wear and oxidative protection to reduce maintenance costs and extend service life. These oils are suitable in applications requiring DIN 51524 Part 3, ISO 11158 HV, ASTM 6158 HV, SAE MS 1004, GB 111181-1-94, Denison HF-O, HF-2, Cincinnati Milacron P-68 (ISO 32), P-69 (ISO 68), and P-70 (ISO 46), Bosch Rexworth RDE 90235, Vickers M-2950-S, 1-286-S, GM LS-2, and Eaton E-FDGN-TB002-E performance levels. Passes Vickers 35VQ25 Pump Test. They also show excellent performance in John Deere and Mahindra service fill and top-off applications requiring use of a zinc-free hydraulic oil.

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