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Damtite  Waterproofing Hydraulic Cement 50 lb.

Damtite Waterproofing Hydraulic Cement 50 lb.


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Sets in 3-5 minutes
Seals Deep Cracks & Holes
Works Underwater!
Also Anchors Railings & Posts

A non-shrink, high-strength waterproof mortar for concrete, masonry, brick, stone and stucco. Mix with water into a putty consistency. Sets in 3-5 minutes to stop active water leaks and seepage under pressure through holes, cracks, wall-floor joints, swimming pools, water storage tanks, fountains, ponds, and drains. Can be applied under water so pools do not have to be drained for crack repair. Also use to seal around pipe and to anchor hooks, bolts, and metal to concrete. Does not contain metallic aggregates or corrosive agents. Will not shrink or oxidize. Wear eye protection, dust mask and rubber gloves.

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