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110-Piece Super Accessory Kit


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Genuine Dremel Accessories to Cut, Sand, Grind, Sharpen, Polish, Carve. Includes: 1 Each Of The Following: 1-1/4" Cut-Off Wheel, 3/4" Carbon Steel Brush, Polishing Compound, Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone, High-Speed Cutter, 1/2" 60G Sanding Drum With Mandrel, 1/4" 60G Sanding Band With Mandrel, Wrench, Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone, Silicone Carbide Grinding Stone, Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone, 1-1/4" Fiberglass-Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel, Cone Polishing Tip, Dressing Stone, Bristle Brush, 180G Abrasive Buff, (2) Mandrels, (4) 1" Felt Polishing Wheel, (12) 15/16" Emery Cut-Off Wheel, (12) 15/16" Heavy Duty Emery Cut-Off Wheel, (4) Small Felt Wheel, (6) 1/2" 60G Sanding Band, 12 Each 3/4" Sanding Disc: 180G, 220G And 240G, (6) 1/4" 60G Sanding Band, 1/2" 120G Sanding Band & (6) 1/4" 120G Sanding Band.

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