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Protective Coating  PC-Fast-N EZ™ Epoxy 14 mL

Protective Coating PC-Fast-N EZ™ Epoxy 14 mL

Protective Coating


PC-Fast-N EZ™ is an extremely flexible translucent paste epoxy. Ease of use is the key with this self-mixing formulation. PC-Fast-N EZ™ flows beautifully through a static mix nozzle that mixes the epoxy thoroughly. The mixing nozzle doesn’t just mix the product; it also helps with precise applications. PC-Fast-N EZ™ has a fast cure time, making jobs complete and easy as 1-2-3!

Bonds most everything to anything.

PC-Fast-N EZ will not bond to wax paper, Teflon®, Polyethylene, and many other plastics. There are hundreds of plastics in thousands of combination. Test a small area when in doubt.

Here are just a few specific uses (there are hundreds of other uses):

Repair shoe sole and re-bond to shoe.
Reattach rearview mirror bracket.
Repair split door jamb.
Apply decals to fiberglass or metal.
Attach metal or wood tack strip to concrete floor.
Fix chairs and stools.
Fix cabinet drawers and doors.
Crafts and hobby uses.

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