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GlueAngel GBond Industrial Adhesive and Filling Powders 0.71 fl. oz. / 1.41 oz. (0.71 fl. oz. / 1.41 oz.)


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GBond Industrial Adhesive & Filling Powder offers a hard and fast solution to nearly all repair problems…and sets in 007 seconds! It can be used simply as an adhesive or together with the filling powders to repair, fill and reinforce hard plastics and metals. Kit consists of 2 x adhesives, a black powder for plastics, a gray powder for metals and a fine nozzle extender for the smallest of repairs!

Fast acting, sets in 007 seconds.
Temperature resistant up to 358⁰F.
Can be used as an adhesive or together with the filling powders.
Bonds almost anything.
Has outstanding aging and weathering properties.

Black Filling Powder used for Plastics
Gray Filling Powder for Metals
Automotive: Radiator, Plastic Fenders, Side-view Mirror, Door Handle, Engine Parts, Hubcaps, Trailer Hardware, and more!
Marine: Deck Hardward, Rigging Blocks, Patching, Propellers, Engine Repair, and more!
Arts/Crafts: Jewelry and more!
Toys: Drones body/frame, Drone propellers, RC Cars, and more!
Sporting: Ding repair – SUP/surfboard/kayak, Paddle blades, Paddle shafts, Bike frame, Bike hardware, Ski/hiking poles, Tent stakes, Cleats, Golf Clubs, Fishing poles, and more!
Home: Appliance hardware, Fixtures, Chair legs, Pipe leaks, Step Stools, Gutter leaks, Lawn mower parts , Garden tools and more!
Other: FRP products, Camera/mic mounts/casings, Battery packs, Phone Cases, Music equipment, Power tool casings, Plastic side release buckle, and more!
Not suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.

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